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BGSA House League Bantam

Welcome to the Bantam Division!

Age: 15 to 16
Year of Birth: 2003 to 2004

Objective: To refine fundamental softball skills, further develop advanced softball skills, develop softball-specific mental skills, and physical fitness. Focus on the preparation for optimal performance in competition.

Development: Introduce softball-specific physical conditioning, maintain flexibility and practice injury prevention. Begin to individualize instruction and preparation to address each player’s individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Teach players, who are now proficient at performing fundamental and advanced softball-specific skills, to perform those skills under a variety of conditions during training and competitions. Position-specific skills are developed but with players still learning at least 2 to 4 positions. Increasing opportunities to develop player’s autonomy in terms of decision-making regarding individual and team preparation and play. Develop and refine visualization skills, autonomous decision making during games, goal setting, emotional control, game plans, pre-game and game routines, stress management and coping strategies, and attentional control.

Bantam Convenor: Paul Centis 647-897-7694

Picture & Fun Day: To Be Announced

Bantam-2018 – Click here for pdf version

Our Contact Resolution Officer can be reached by email at with any questions or concerns.

Conflict Resolution Office Procedure