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Brampton Blazers Blast May 8-10, 2020

Brampton has been hosting the Brampton Blazers Blast for more than a decade. It is a multi-Tier tournament near the beginning of the season, a great opportunity to play against teams from all over. In recent years there have been more than 70 teams from Ontario and beyond.

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Confirmed Registrants - 2019 Blast

Brampton Blazers Gold – Amanda Yetman
Brampton Blazers Burgundy – Izzy Greedy
Milton Bats Purple – Scott Williams
Aurora Diggers – Krista Clarke
Halton Hawks – Chris Manser
Oakville Angels – Jim McKay
Milton Bats White – Martin Yavuz
Chatham Golden Eagles – Steve

T1 – Brampton Blazers Gold – John Dobranski
T2 – Brampton Blazers Burgundy – Joe Niro
T1 – Halton Hawks – Jeff Beange
T1 – Port Perry Angels – Miranda James
T1 – Oakville Angels – Mark Cataford
T2 – Milton Bats – Neil Teauge
T1 – Milton Bats – Chris Donoghue

T2 – Vaughan Vikings (White) – Ben De Luca
T? – Barrie Storm

T1 – Brampton Blazers Gold – Dwayne Chiasson
T2 – Brampton Blazers Burgundy – Kathleen Torpey
T2 – Port Perry Angels – Keith Normoyle
T1 – Aurora Diggers – Todd Martin
T1 – Halton Hawks – Dennis Goodwin
T1 – Barrie Storm – Kim Corbin / Dave Mahaffey
T1 – Mississauga North Tigers – Jon Audino
T2 – Oakville Angels – Tyson Levac
T2 – MSW – David Haick
T1 – Breslau Fury – Jason Davitsky
T2 – Whitby Eagles – Ron Simcoe / Paige Basque
T1 – Kitchener Klassics – John Hocquard

T1 – Vaughan Vikings – Tony Martins
T2 – Etobicoke Mayhem – Shea Black
T1 – Oakville Angels – Tony Russell
T1 – Whitby Eagles – Ron Simcoe
T2 – Oshawa Lady B’s – Jordie Barker
T2 – Arthur Twisters – Peter Post

T1 – Brampton Blazers Gold – John Scalia
T1 – Brampton Blazers Burgundy – Bill Day
T1 – Mississauga North Tigers – John Crawford
T2 – Vaughan Vikings – Dave Perry/Vera Filice
T1 – Aurora Diggers – Lee Green
T1 – Port Perry Angels – Lesley Pipher
T1 – Halton Hawks – Dave Maxin
T2 – Oakville Angels 04 – Melanie Wikston
T1 – Oakville Angels 03 – Steve Male / Tony Peros
T1 – Chatham Golden Eagles – Bryan Depencier
T1 – Waterloo Ghost – Trent Hilpert
T2 – Richmond Hill Rebels – James Bland
T1 – Lady Mets – Tom Dryburgh
T1 – Barrie Storm – Christi Groves
T2 – Halton Hawks – Casey H.
T1 – Tavistock – Barb Wilhelm

T1 – MSW – Dave Clark
T1 – Lady Mets – Chris Jones

T1 – Brampton Blazers Gold – Dave Murray
T1 – Brampton Blazers Gold – Mike Alexander
T1 – BT Warriors – Tom Cox
T1 – Mississauga North Tigers – Clifton Dockery
T2 – Port Perry – Dave Wright
T1 – Waterloo Ghost – Randy Drover
T1 – Vaughan Vikings – Scott Wildman
T1 – Whitby Eagles – Dave Williamson
T1 – Waterloo Ghost – Dave Vallance
T1 – Oakville Angels – Bryan Beattie

T1 – Guelph Gators – Ed McLellan

T1 – MSW – Wayne Grey-Baker

2018 results below – All information below is 2018 Tournament information.

Player Profile 2018 – Download, print, and bring to the tournament. They will be made available to the scouts.


IMPORTANT TOPICS   – Click here for a pdf copy



  1. Beer Store – 55 Charolais Blvd, Brampton
  2. Beer Store – 2890 Queen St E, Brampton 
  3. Beer Store – 69 First Gulf Blvd, Brampton 
  4. LCBO – 545 Steeles Ave E, Brampton 
  5. LCBO – 27 George St N, Brampton 


 Gage Park 

2 Wellington Street West 


Glowzone 360 

9446 McLaughlin Road North (Across from Fred Kline Diamonds) 


Laser Quest 

241 Clarence Street  


Toprock Climbing 

284 Orenda Road Unit # 8 


SilverCity Brampton Movies 

50 Great Lakes Drive 


Cineplex Movies 

20 Biscayne Crescent 


Brampton Blazers
Oakville Angels
Milton Bats

Brampton Blazers Gold
Brampton Blazers Burgundy
Dragons Sud-Ouest (T2)
Halton Hawks (T2)
Oakville Angels (T1)
Aurora Diggers
Port Perry Angels (T2)
Mississauga Southwest Hurricanes
LaSalle Athletics (T2)
Port Perry (T2)
Milton Bats ’06 (T1)
LaSalle Athletics (T1)
Milton Bats (T2)
Oshawa Lady B’s (T2)
Oakville Angels (T2)
Barrie Storm (T?)
Whitby Eagles (T2)

Brampton Blazers Gold
Brampton Blazers Burgundy
Vaughan Vikings ’04
Fury Softball (T1)
Quebec Rebelles (T1)
Oakville Angels (T1)
Port Perry Angels (T1)
Kitchener Klassics Black (T1)
Etobicoke Mayhem (T?)
Oshawa Lady B’s (T2)
Chatham Golden Eagles
Whitby Eagles (T2)
Halton Hawks (T1)
Richmond Hill Rebels (T2)
LaSalle Athletics ’04 (T1)
Barrie Storm (T1)
Oakville Angels (T2)

Brampton Blazers Gold
Brampton Blazers Burgundy
Fury Softball (T2)
Waterloo Ghosts (T1)
Port Perry Angels (T2)
Stouffville Storm (T2)
Mississauga Southwest Hurricanes (T1)
UTM Revolution 2K2 (T1)
Mississauga Southwest Hurricanes (T1)
Oakville Angels (T2)
Tavistock Athletics ’02 (T1)
Guelph Gators (T1)
Brantford Bobcats
Barrie Storm (T2)
Mississauga North Tigers (T1)
Whitby Eagles (T2)
Peterborough Thunder (T2)
Stittsville 56ers’ (T2)

Brampton Blazers
Brampton Blazers
UTM Revolution
Vaughan Vikings (T1)
Oakville Angels (T1)
Port Perry (T2)
Mississauga Southwest Hurricanes (T1)
Springfield Brewers (T1)
Kawartha Lakers (T1)
Kawartha Lakers (T2)
Six Nations Orange (T1)
Waterloo Gold (T1)
Ontario Yankees (T1)
Guelph Gators (T1)