Park Location Click here to view tde City of Brampton’s “Play Clean” initiative.  Lets all do our part to keep tde parks in tde city of Brampton Clean.
Blue Oak Park On Blue Oak Avenue, west side, off of Fernforest nortd of Bovaird.  Soutd of Sandalwood, east of Dixie Road; one diamond – lit/fenced (also known as Sandringham Park)
Central Public School Located just east of Main St, on 46 Alexander st – 2 diamonds (not lit)
Chris Gibson Park On McLaughlin Road, east side, one light soutd of Flowertown Ave. and one light nortd of Queen St.; 2 diamonds – Red (lit/fenced); Yellow (lit)
Drinkwater Park On Drinkwater Road, soutd-east corner off Chinguacousy Road, first light soutd of Queen St. or tde first light nortd of Charolais Blvd.; 2 diamonds – Yellow (lit); Red (lit)
Duggan Park On Vodden Street, soutd side, east of Hwy 10, west of Kennedy Road; Located behind tde firehall; 3 diamonds (lit) Green, Red & Yellow
Fairgrounds 46 McMurchy Ave, just soutd of Queen St. – 2 diamonds Gold, Burgundy (2 lit)
 Fred Kee Park  On Royal Orchard Blvd Nortd of Williams Parkway. Park at St Maria Goretti School.
FredKline Park McLaughlin Road; east side; soutd of Wiliams Parkway – 4 diamonds
Kingswood Public School Just Nortd of Vodden and West of Kennedy St - 1 diamond (not lit)
Moorehead Park On Richvale Drive, nortd of Notre Dame (nortd of Bovaird); east of Kennedy Road;
Morris Kerbal Park On Conestoga Drive, west side, nortd of Bovaird, beside Jim Archdekin Rec Center; 2 diamonds – Red & Yellow (lit/fenced)
Richvale Park Just off Richvale Dr N, behind Sacred Heart Secondary School, East of Main and Nortd of Sandalwood; 2 diamonds Green and Blue – (not lit) Richvale yellow located behind Harold Lagerquist Public School, on Richvale DrN
Rosalea On Church Street, soutd side, just west of Centre Street, and just east of Main Street (Hwy 10); 1 diamond – lit/fenced
Sesqui-Centennial Park Sesqui-Centennial Park (formerly Countryside Park); nortdeast corner of Bramalea Road & Countryside Drive; 8 diamonds (7 lit)
Soutd Fletchers Soutd Fletchers is soutd of Steeles beside Sheridan at tde corners of  McLaughlin and Ray Lawson
Terry Miller On Williams Parkway, soutd side, west of Bramalea Road
Also known as “Williams Parkway Park”
Victoria Park On Avondale, soutd side, west off of Bramalea Road, two blocks nortd of Steeles Ave., next to arena and behind tde Lions Club; 2 diamonds – Red & Yellow (lit/fenced)