BGSA History

Organized softball in Brampton has its roots in 1971 when the first house league teams began play under a loosely-knit group which was the forerunner of today’s organization.  The Brampton Girls Softball Association as we know it today was officially established in 1972, and was incorporated in the late 80s. We are an affiliated youth sports group with the City of Brampton.

Today the BGSA gives more than 500 girls of all ages and all skill levels the opportunity to play organized softball throughout the summer.  For those who are interested in softball as a recreational sport, the BGSA supports over 40 house league teams from age 5 to 23.  The BGSA is proud to be one of the few centres in the province to offer a comprehensive house league program, which provides girls with a summer of fun while at the same time teaching the necessary skills.

For those house league players who desire a more competitive atmosphere, Select teams (the Flames) participate in a number of tournaments throughout the province from Mite through Midget during the summer.

The BGSA’s rep program, the Blazers, fields teams from Mite through Midget for those players who strive to participate at the elite level of competitive softball.  The Blazers have developed a reputation as one of the top softball organizations throughout Canada and North America, winning numerous Provincial, Eastern Canadian, and National championships at all age levels.  Brampton players have played a major role on recent National and Olympic teams, and numerous girls have earned athletic scholarships in the USA, allowing them to further their education while playing ball.

Over the years, the BGSA has enjoyed a number of highlights.  Brampton gained national attention when the BGSA hosted the 1993 Junior National Championships, again in 2001 when the Blazers hosted and won the Bantam National Championships and most recently in 2017 while hosting the U14 Nationals and Women’s Championships.  As well, sell-out crowds and a national CBC television audience witnessed the 3-Nations Challenge Cup at the Fairgrounds in 2000, a pre-Olympic event between the National Teams from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In 2018 the BGSA hosted the Blazers Blast, Novice Qualifiers and Midget & Women’s Provincials.

As the BGSA looks ahead to the future, one must thank the thousands of volunteers in the past 46 years who have developed and nurtured the organization to where it is today.  As our executive and board members meet the constant challenges head-on, the overriding consideration remains  “It’s for the girls.”

BGSA Timeline


BGSA Incorporated


84 House League Teams Fielded


VP Position Split to VP House League and VP Rep


First Scholarship Awarded


Helmet Rule

Each player now required to have their own batting helmet.


Record 932 House League Players

932 players in the House League Prgogram fielding 70 teams 8 Rep teams formed


Player Exchange

Novice and Bantam houseleague team did an exchange with players from Quebec


Day of Champs Televised

1992 Day of Champs was televised on Rogers Cable


1400 Strong

BGSA had over 1400 players. Players sold tickets, if they sold enough tickets they would receive a BGSA jacket. So many were earned, and then worn, by proud players that they could be seen across the city.


93 House League Teams


25th Anniversary

The 25th Anniversary was celebrated with a big picnic.


Time to Move?

Discussion began regarding a possible move to the old Brampton Fairgrounds from the original home, Rosalea park


A Spot for a Training Centre


Time to Move!

Moved to the current location, Fairgrounds on McMurchy.


Hosted 3 Nations Cup

Hosted 3 Nations Cup with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand participating


2001 Novice Tier 1 Ontario Champions

Date not yet accurate


2001 Junior Tier 1 – Canadian Finalist

Date not accurate


Santa Claus Parade

Won first place in the Minor Sports Organization in the Brampton Santa Claus Parade


Welcoming Chinguacousy Girls Softball

Chinguacousy Girls softball enrollment had decreased to  about 180 players, they were welcomed into the Brampton Girls Softball Association.


40th Anniversary

BGSA celebrated its 40th anniversary. A Barbie doll dressed as a Brampton ball player was available for purchase to players.


2012 U14 Girls Canadian Fastpitch Gamboree

Date not accurate


World Championship Host

BGSA hosted the ISF Junior Women’s World Championships. The fairgrounds were upgraded extensively with sunken dugouts, clay field, etc.


2019 Midgets win Nationals


A Challenging Year

2020 was a challenging year for the entire world, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the BGSA was not immune. The league remained dedicated to giving all girls as “new normal” a year as possible with constant effort. In early March, events moved quickly ultimately forcing the cessation of all..Read More