2018 Registration Information

 Registration Options:

1.  Via etransfer or credit card # with Wendy (VP Houseleague)
What I do is take the following information, fill out the form for you and email you a copy which also acts as your official tax receipt.

Players Name:
Size of shirt/shorts:
Full mailing address:
Mom’s Name, email, phone
Dad’s Name, email, phone
Any known medical conditions
Has she every played before? How many years?
Are the parent(s) interested in coaching?

2. At any of our free (with paid registration) clinics – see home page for days/locations/times

3. You can visit the Sports Office at FCCC(Flower City Community Campus) at 8950 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton ON L6Y 5T1 Bldg E

4. We will be holding 4 in person registration dates:
Feb 23 6-9pm
Feb 24 9am-noon
Mar 2 6-9pm
Mar 3 9am-noon
All these dates will be held at Terry Miller and Century Garden Rec Ctrs

Click on this link to view Houseleague Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information – 2018 Age groups and Registration Fees

As the one of the largest minor softball associations in Ontario, BGSA operates more than 40 teams competing in 7 divisions

The Houseleague season begins in mid-May and continues to the last week in August. Every division from Minor-Mite up also holds an In House Tournament with trophies or medals going to the top 4 teams in the division. Playoffs start in July and all teams compete in the final Day of Champs Day.

Registration for the Houseleague Program is held from January to April every year . Late fee of $25 per player is applicable for all registrations received after April 1st.

Division Age Playing Night Up to April 1st After April 1st
T-Ball 5-6 born 2012-2013 Thursday $135 $160
Minor-Mite 7-8 born 2010-2011 Mon & Wed $150 $175
Mite 9-10 born 2008-2009 Tues & Thurs $175 $200
Squirt 11-12 born 2006-2007 Mon & Wed $185 $210
Novice 13-14 born 2004-2005 Tues & Thurs $195 $220
Bantam 15-16 born 2002-2003 Mon & Wed $200 $225
Midget/Junior 17-23 born 1995-2001 Thursday $200 $225

BGSA Operating Principles

The Brampton Girls Softball Association has several important objectives for the operation of their House League:

  • To provide a fun experience for all participants at every age level.
  • To create an environment of competitive softball that every player can enjoy.
  • To provide guidance to coaching staff that will assist them in teaching the fundamentals of softball.
  • To make our House League as enjoyable as possible so that every player will return, year after year.
  • Click on this link to view the BGSA Houseleague Rules and Guidelines

Team Balance

BGSA has implemented a detailed process to improve team balance in every division. One of the Convenor’s most important duties is to fairly divide the available talent, for the division that they represent, to ensure that we have an equal and competitive level of play. If a team does not win a game, or goes undefeated, we have not been successful.

Our process relies on accurate ratings of every player, every year. Coaches complete rating forms, provided with detailed instructions and guidelines on how to rate their teams. At the end of the season an All Coaches meeting is conducted for each division and all the ratings are discussed, adjusted if necessary and agreed to. The following year these ratings are used convenors/coaches to build and balance the teams. The process is not perfect but we are getting better and our satisfaction ratings have increased for this issue every year. For more information please contact: bgsaVP@gmail.com


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