Minor-Mite builds on the T-ball program and is also a great place for new players to start their softball experience. The summer is a mix of games and practices to develop skills and introduce players to the rules of the game and the game experience. All team members play an in-field or outfield position each inning (no-one sits) and 8 batters bat, no matter how many outs are made. Coaches pitch to the players to optimize the chance of getting a hit (4 pitches). To get a feel for player pitching, players pitch in the 2nd inning only.

The overall goal is to give every player a chance to try all the positions, field the ball, and hit the ball. The emphasis is on FUN!

D1 – Fred Kline Yellow  — D2 -Fred Kee  —  D3 – Richvale Green —  D4 Richvale Blue

PICTURE & FUN DAY – TBA- BRAMPTON FAIRGROUNDS – Info will be handed out by Coach


MINOR MITE CONVENOR: Stephanie McIntyre 416-838-9902 s.mcintyre@live.ca