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Try Outs

2018 Tryout Information


Pleased to announce Joe Niro as the Mite 2017 Gold head coach. Joe is a Level 3 Certified Softball coach and has experience coaching players of all ages. Just a few of his accomplishments include finishing with a silver medal in the Ontario Summer Games and gold in the Eastern Canadian Championships.

He was also a Softball Ontario Instructor for many years and a Level 3 Umpire.

He has a great passion for the game and developing players of all age groups and skill level. His goal for the upcoming season is to improve each individual player’s skill level and provide a positive environment, while striving to make Brampton a Provincial champion.

The Burgundy coach will be announced after tryouts and it is our intention to field two Mite teams at Brampton next year.

Tryouts for Gold & Burgundy will be held at the Fairgrounds (back diamond) September 4th, 5th and 6th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m

Joe can be reached after September 1st at 416-804-7549


John Scalia
VP rep Brampton Blazers

The Brampton Blazers are pleased to announce that Dwayne Chiasson will be leading our Squirt Gold team comprised mainly of 2006 aged kids and John Dobranski will lead our Burgundy team comprised mainly of 2007 aged kids.  As usual we will look to strengthen each team regardless of age, however based on the talent pool of our core we do see the teams breaking into 2 age groups with the odd kid or kids mixing in with different ages

Dwayne took our Burgundy team this year that had 7 kids who had never played rep before and molded them into a team, they got better each game and developed this kids into better ball players, we are excited to see what Dwayne will do with this core group moving forward.  As all Brampton tryouts this will be an open tryout and we are looking for kids with a great attitude, willingness to learn, heart and hustle

John Dobranski, a key member of our Board of Directors at the BGSA coached our Mite Gold team for the last two years, John’s key strength is development and fun, his work ethic is next to none and his kids have always developed from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.  John has a strong core of 2007 kids moving up to squirt and hopes to augment this group with more girls willing to learn, that show a great attitude and have heart and hustle.

Tryouts will be held at the Brampton Fairgrounds (front diamond) on September 4th, 5th and 6th from 6 to 8 p.m. on all three dates, please come a few minutes early and register.  If you have any questions for our coaches they can be reached after September 1st (due to current communication rules with kids outside your organization)

Dwayne Chiasson 905-846-4397
John Dobranski – 416-992-6149


John Scalia

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Paul Morrow will be the head coach of the Brampton Gold Novice team and Bill Day will be the head coach of Novice Burgundy team for the upcoming 2017/2018 season.

Paul Morrow comes to the Gold team after coaching the Novice Burgundy team to a very competitive season culminating with a 10th place finish (silver in the consolation division) at Nationals, this team comprised of all 2004 kids last year were a delight on and off the field, their competitive nature, never give up attitude and raw talent was something to behold. Paul’s Gold team is expected to compete at the highest levels in both Ontario and Nationally and I believe will be regarded as one of the strongest teams in Ontario, this team will have a strong base to draw from with 12 kids from his team available to play Novice next year, plus 4 key players from the Provincial champion and Bronze medalist at Nationals Brampton Gold team.  We do want to make it clear to all attending that this will be a an open tryout and while Paul has a strong base to work from he is open to enhancing the team with kids that show heart, character, hard work and talent at this year’s tryouts. Paul’s team will do extensive travel next year and his plans will be detailed at tryouts

Bill Day took a year off last year to concentrate on his duties as President of the BGSA, in 2015/2016 he led the Squirt Gold team to a Provincial title and is excited to work with the Burgundy group to develop our talent base moving forward, we should have a very strong Burgundy team again next year we are looking for strong candidates born in 2005 and 2004 to form the basis of this team for next year and to form the core of our Gold team for the year after that.  For those of you that do not know Bill, he is very involved in our sport and our league, has a calming steady demeanor and really puts his kids first, as proven at Squirt Bill knows how to win and win the right way by always putting the kids first!  Again to be clear we are running an open tryout and welcome candidates that show heart, character, hard work and talent to augment our strong program.

Please join me in wishing Paul and Bill success in there new roles, they have both earned them with there “kids first attitude”, player training and hard work.

Tryouts for this group will take place at the Fairgrounds (back diamond) on Monday September 4 from 3-6, September 5th from 8:30 to 10:30 (back diamond) and September 6th from 8:30 to 10:30) .  The first hour of the first tryout only is dedicated to pitchers and catchers only, the last 2 hours is dedicated to the entire team and pitchers and catchers are asked to attend all 3 hours.  If you are new to this group and wish to discuss the tryout with either coach they will be accepting phone calls and emails on or after September 1st only (due to current rules regarding contact with non Brampton Players)

Paul can be reached at 647-297-0859
Bill can be reached at 416-580-0044

Thank you

VP rep Brampton Blazers

It is my pleasure to announce that Doug Hancock will be the head coach of our Brampton Blazers Bantam Gold team, we will field two teams in Bantam for 2017/2018 and the coach for the Burgundy team will be announced after tryouts.

Doug Hancock for those that do not know him led our Bantam Burgundy team last year, this team comprised of several kids that had not played rep ball, molded into a great team at the Tier II level last year, Doug brought those kids together, enhanced all talent levels and had them playing in the “A” division for Tier II where they finished tied for 5th.

This years group will be comprised of kids available from the Bantam Gold team last year that finished 3rd in the province at Tier I, won a consolation division at Nationals, kids available from the Tier II team last year as indicated above and kids from our Bantam Gold team that won provincials in Novice and finished in 3rd place in the country at Nationals.

We are very confident that Doug can lead this competitive group to provincial success with a goal towards making Nationals again. Doug is a strong technical coach that is not afraid to seek out expertise from the entire organization or outside the organization to enhance his training skills, he is the calmest man I have ever met, but also has a fiery internal composition that leads to success.  Doug has earned this appointment and we very much look forward to see what he can do with this group.

If you want to play for a coach that treats these girls with respect, dignity and pride than Doug is the coach for you, he will always coach with integrity and honesty and only asks that in return from his players. He is a role model on how coaches should act on the field and is very analytical and will have a game plan on how to make each and every player on his team approve, he will also have a game plan on how to get this team to the furthest point of success they can get to and will follow that plan to a tee. We are proud to have Doug as a link to our Midget program that is run by two phenomenal coaches with an ability to get kids further in there collegiate career.

Age will not matter with our Gold and Burgundy teams, we will put out the most talented balanced team we can find at both levels and we do have clear opportunities for girls trying out on both teams.

Tryouts will commence on September 4th from 3-6 at the front diamond at the Fairgrounds  (first hour is dedicated to pitchers and catchers only) the remaining two hours is the entire team tryout including pitchers and catchers, September 5th entire team tryout from 8:30 to 10:30, September 6th entire team tryout from 8:30 to 10:30.

Doug can be reached at 647-221-5251 and will answer calls from players outside our current organization only after September 1st (as per rules pertaining to player contact during season)

John Scalia
VP of Rep, Blazers